PerformINS Metal Roof Sarking

PerformINS Metal Roof Sarking is manufactured to the highest industry standards. Our specialised manufacturing process bonds together Aluminium Foil to a high strength reinforcing Polymer mesh using a flame retardant adhesive. Our Reinforcing Polymer Mesh is purposely treated blue in colour to reduce reflective glare problems when installing roof products.

Key Compliance include;

  • Satisfy BCA specifications and requirements for Reflective Foil Laminates
  • Complies with the specifications and requirements of AS/NZS 4200.1 for “Pliable Building Membranes” which is a manual recognised by the BCA Part 3.5 Roof and Cladding
  • Low Flammability Index in accordance with AS 1530.2 < 5
  • Satisfy BCA Part 3.7.1 Fire Hazard Properties
  • Satisfy Health & Safety Regulations

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Technical Datasheets

PerformINS Metal Roof Sarking