PerformINS Underslab Blanket

PerformINS Underslab Blanket is a super-soft Australian made blanket insulation.

PerformINS Underslab blanket can be faced with many different foils to meet your needs, including: Silver, White or Black coated foils.

PerformINS Underslab Blanket is available in thicknesses starting at 55mm through to 130mm with “R” ratings as high as R3.6 providing excellent thermal benefits through the reduction of heat loads entering and leaving the building.

R-Value (m2 k/w) Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Foil Face Length (m) Area per Roll (m2)
R-1.3 55 1200 Heavy Duty 15 18
R-2.5 100 1200 Heavy Duty 10 12
R-3.0 130 1200 Heavy Duty 10 12
R3.2 130 1200 Heavy Duty 10 12
R3.6 130 1200 Heavy Duty 10 7.8

Technical Datasheets