FI32 Semi Rigid Insulation

Supplied in roll or sheet form to allow for greater design flexibility in HVAC and commercial building applications. Provides excellent thermal and acoustic properties making it suitable for internal lining of sheet metal ductwork.

Also suitable for insulating storage tanks, process vessels, appliance cabinets, electrostatic precipitators, plant rooms and for use in the manufacture of acoustic baffles.

Supplied unfaced or fabricated on one side with your choice of one of the following facing materials:

  • Vapastop® 883 Foil Facing
  • Sisalation® Heavy Duty Perforated Foil Facing
  • Black Matt Facing (BMF) Glass tissue
  • Sisalation® Heavy Duty Foil Facing

Manufactured from up to 80% recycled glass. Australian made.

Technical Datasheets

Semi-Rigid Technical Data Sheet