Pink Floor Batts

Pink® Floor Batts, made from lightweight, flexible and resilient glasswool and are specially designed for the thermal insulation of underfloor applications in domestic buildings. Manufactured in Australia for over 55 years, Pink Batts® is the trusted choice when it comes to building new homes or retrofitting existing buildings for increased thermal efficiency or acoustic control.

Pink® Floor Batts are a sound investment for homeowners, keeping occupants cooler in summer, warmer in winter and providing energy cost savings all year round.

Pink® Floor Batts are suitable for both new home and retrofit applications.

The high density nature of Pink® Floor Batts ensures the product will friction fit and will not sag during installation. A retention strapping system, supplied with the product, is recommended for use during installation. Pink® Floor Batts are renowned for their firmness, making them easy to install between standard stud spacing’s -ensuring they remain in place for ongoing thermal performance. Moreover, thanks to advances in formulation, Pink® Floor Batts are low itch - making them comfortable to handle during installation.

Technical Datasheets

Technical Data Sheet