Permastop Insulation Blanket

The Fletcher Insulation Permastop insulation blanket is suitable for both residential and commercial buildings to increase the comfort levels of occupants. Typically used for thermal insulation, it also has broader benefits that include protecting against moisture and condensation, acoustic performance to guard against heavy rain and hail and preventing dust from entering your roof space.

The Permastop blanket consists of a glasswool insulation blanket on one side and a Sisalation foil that is reflective on the other. In Sydney, the blanket itself is installed facing the roof and the reflective foil facing downwards. Permastop reflective foil can be supplied as light, medium or heavy duty.

Permastop Blanket Insulation Applications

The Permastop blanket is generally installed under metal deck and fibre cement roofs for offices, shopping centres, warehouses and general industrial complexes. For home residence under metal or concrete roofs Permastop also broadly used. Permastop can be very effective as an insulation material behind the cladding on walls.

Eureka Permastop Blanket Benefits

More generally, the benefits of Permastop blanket for insulation are:

  • Lightweight and can easily be installed.
  • Meets the Building Codes of Australia energy efficiency requirements.
  • Has a broad range of thermal qualities to meet any application.
  • Has an acoustic quality that reduces noise such as rain, hail, metal expansion and contraction noise on metal roofs.
  • Reduces the rusting of metal roofs and screws as well as interior damage caused by environmental condensation.
  • Reduces dust from entering your work or living space through the roof area.

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