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Eureka Insulation has a long history of insulation supply and install across commercial, retail, apartments and home construction. Our case studies offer an insight into some of our leading projects that demonstrate how Eureka's commitment to quality, solution and superior supply chain work time and time again.

Insulation DHL distribution centre at Eastern Creek

From 2012 up to 2014, Eureka Insulation Sydney supplied DHL with insulation for their distribution centre in Eastern Creek. The magnitude of the task proved to be monumental in terms of ingenuity, planning and careful delivery. Central to Eureka Insulation's focus was that of cost-efficacy and comfort.

Cooling and heating make up about half of the total energy cost in an average commercial building. Having a facility as large as the DHL distribution centre called for an excellently-designed insulation system to help keep energy costs low. As is this case with any commercial or residential insulation project - temperatures need to be cool in the summer, and warmer in the winter. Eureka Insulation was able to help make that happen for DHL.

Distribution centres can get very busy throughout all hours of the day and appropriate insulation mitigates and manages the sound emitted in and out of the structure. Eureka's insulation provided for suitable working environments within the various sections of the DHL distribution centre, as well as reduced the amount of noise pollution passed on externally.

Through its work, Eureka Insulation was also able to cater to enhancing comfort levels for DHL's employees. When cooling and heating becomes easier to manage (thanks to appropriate insulation) staff become more productive. Insulation manages temperatures at safer levels, resulting in increased worker safety and productivity, further reducing the possibility of worker downtime due to injury or illness.

If your business occupies a large commercial space, contact Eureka Insulation today to discuss your insulation needs.

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Our Latest Case Studies

NIDA National Institute Dramatic Arts Sydney Insulation Fire Retardation Sound Absorption

Superior Sounds Absorption and Fire Retardation at NIDA Sydney

When superior sound absorption meets safety, Eureka Insulation Sydney's project at the NIDA was an insulation masterpiece like no other.

Insulation DHL distribution centre at Eastern Creek

DHL's megastructure in Eastern Creek boasts approximately 40,000 square metres in size - without a doubt, one of Eureka Insulation's largest projects to date.

Bunnings Store in Sydney

Insulation of big box warehouse retail in Sydney

Insulation for large "Big Box" retail spaces, such as Bunnings Warehouse, requires careful planning and attention to detail.

Schofield Station

North West Rail Yards, Schofields

As part of North West Rail's upgrade, their Schofield station required large-scale infrastructure for their enormous maintenance buildings. ...

Data Centre Insulation

Insulation of Data Centres

When it comes to the insulation industry, fewer jobs are as technical or as compliance-centric as that of data centre insulation. Eureka Insulation proudly stands at the forefront of data centre insulation.

Bunnings Warehouse

Bunnings Hardware Store

Bunnings are a growing piece of the Australian retail landscape. Their values of providing quality products and superior service to its cust ...

International Convention Center Darling Harbour

International Convention Center

Darling Harbour has undergone an exciting transformation and Eureka Insulation are proud to be part of the redevelopment of it's new Exhibi ...

Wentworth Point Marina

Wentworth Point Marina boasts a bustling mix of retail and residential activity. A long-development project, the exciting plans are for the ...

Waterloo Apartment Building

Where aesthetics need to meet functionality within budget,
Eureka Insulation is miles ahead of its contemporaries

Beecroft Place

Beecroft Place Shopping Centre

With residences above and a busy retail hub below, the Beecroft Place Shopping Centre project was multi-faceted.

Werrington Corporate Centre

Werrington Corporate Centre

Werrington Park Corporate Centre situated in Penrith provided a unique challenge of aesthetic appeal in conjunction with dynamic performance.